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Bite sized, Actionable, Tips and Tricks for Demand AI

Demand Onboarding and Knowledge Base

Demand is easy and take 5 minutes to get started in this Hub you will find all the questions customers has been asking us and we keep updating it to make Demand the easiest go to market platform for LinkedIn, Email and AI automations.
Go to connect with LinkedIn in Demand Connect my Linkedin Account to Demand.
Watch to learn how easy it is in one click to sync your LinkedIn account with Demand :
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Build your First Automation with AI

It is easy to build an AI automation simply follow this guide or hit automation section on the left.
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When selecting the two options you can learn what they mean right here:
  • 1-1 + AI + Message Review simply means you get to review/edit before sending and once you hit send all steps are automated for the prospect from that point.
  • 1-1 + Automated AI - You got full trust in AI doing all the writing for the parts you select AI to write and it will automatically send all steps once you start the automation.
Watch here how to see how you will setup your first AI Automation:
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Integrate your CRM

Lets integrate your CRM Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, MS Dynamics etc.
We have 15 native CRM integrations all with one click.

Integrate your Email to Demand

By adding your Email you will be able to run Multi Touch campaigns and reach your ideal customer profiles on both email and LinkedIn.
Below is a video showing how to setup GMAIL:
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Follow the given steps to connect your account,
  1. Head over to your Admin Panel (
  1. Add Demand's OAuth App using this Client ID
  1. Save it and add for entire domain, and Scope as trusted
  1. Go to Demand and add the email in one click

Platform Learning

Use Cases